Jordi Vidal
Jordi Vidal Estudio de Diseño

Barcelona, born in 1960, with a good knowledge of the furniture industry in all areas. In 1978 he was a partner of a company dedicated to making youth rooms, and these years are the first records of patents.

In later years he worked as a decorator in a chain of stores nationwide. In the año1986, in Barcelona, ​​opened his first studio dedicated to industrial design and commercial decoration.

Later simultaneously keep designing and works on an artistic and commercial advertising agency specializing in the furniture of which was a founding member.

Currently with industrial design studio in Coma-Ruga (Tarragona) and Silla (Valencia) has specialized in ambitious projects that entail the need to propose taking the final public new proposals and ways of understanding the furniture as an object of use , a decorative object and of course as a cultural performance.

His works have been moved so far in the field of classic furniture as in the contemporary, and materials based on their designs match your mood being these solid wood and veneer natural veneer or melamine boards, varnished paper, glass and metals.

Its products are exported to twelve countries and their global turnover of around twenty million Euros.

His self-definition as a professional creative design would be eclectic-designer, who likes to make new proposals for a public selectamente-wide. Furniture manufacturing companies that interest him as customers, are those in which the spirit of offering differentiated products is the most important.

Aware that his work reflects the culture and society of the time, it always offers sincerity overdose and lots of commercial pragmatism.
In short, attempts to reflect the culture of their time and be an active part in the formation of the same, since it seeks to act so influential in the aesthetic and social future of our environment.

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