Comedores Rosamor

We are a company manufacturer of modern dining and bedroom furniture, with over 35-year-experience in the sector.  

Designing and manufacturing requires, more and more, a harmonic style of lines, quality in the materials, originality and an attractive sale price. That is why we have a visual, functional and structural design of the inimitable, well-finished and robust furniture, thanks to the quality,
details and construction of the furniture we offer. All of this is possible because we have a standardized, mechanized and versatile factory, prepared for the production of different programs and products.

Dormitorios Rosamor
Muebles Rosamor Jaén

Crta. Comarcal C-328, Km.1,600
Apartado de Correos | P.O. Box 62
23100 Mancha Real (Jaén)
España | SPAIN
Tel. +34 953 350 485
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